Dispatches from the Field

Qambar Shahdadkot District, Pakistan

A Celebration for Health and Cleanliness at Wagan Government Girls School

Government Girls Primary School (GGPS) Wagan holds a Health and Cleanliness Day Through its tireless efforts and strong partnerships in Sindh Province, Pakistan, the Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP) successfully mobilized local communities and schools to implement independently-planned volunteer activities, gathering their communities together for events without direct facilitation by the CMP team.
Laylan 2 Camp, Iraq

Laylan 2 Camp Celebration Draws Residents Together

On March 27, Laylan 2 camp in Iraq held a celebration marking the start of the spring season and Nowruz (the Iranian New Year), which drew a huge crowd of nearly 350 internally displaced persons (IDPs). The celebration involved a number of fun activities including reciting poetry, trivia, Arabic traditional dancing, and the performance of a play.