Blumont Engineering Solutions


Blumont Engineering Solutions (BES) delivers advanced engineering capabilities to solve complex community infrastructure challenges across the globe. Blumont has served government and non-government clients for two decades on programs including constructing municipal water, wastewater and desalination facilities; rehabilitating and building road transportation networks; managing the construction of schools and public facilitates and providing engineering quality assurance and control. We specialize in managing engineering programs in complex global environments where infrastructure requirements demand creative, resilient solutions that are cost effective and high quality.



How We Operate

Working in complex global environments requires sophisticated, pragmatic and cost effective solutions. Our engineers offer best-in-class expertise to identify problems and design and manage practical solutions. Our teams have deep local knowledge, language proficiency and are well trained as project managers, including PMP certified managers. Our core values of integrity and stewardship ensure that we deliver results on time, on scope and on budget.



United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
US Department of State
US Army Corps of Engineers
The World Bank
The United Nations
UK Department for International Development
Australian Department of Foreign Assistance and Trade



Our key operating principles include excellence in project design, efficient and measureable project management and the effective use of innovative technology.



Program Examples:


Gaza road construction
Infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza suffers from years of neglect and lack of investment. BES is improving the lives of Palestinians as a prime contractor on USAID’s Infrastructure Needs Program II (INP II). The indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract funds large-scale infrastructure projects including constructing and rehabilitating road networks; building major municipal water, desalination and wastewater facilities; extending basic power generation and constructing schools and public infrastructure. BES and other implementing partners are bringing creative and pragmatic solutions to critical infrastructure needs that promote economic growth and improvement of the quality of life for Palestinians across the West Bank and Gaza region. | USAID

As part of the Reduction of Drought Vulnerabilities in Swaziland program, BES installed rooftop rainwater harvesting systems, repaired and replaced deep-well hand pumps and installed electric irrigation pumps for small-scale commercial gardens. | USAID

South Syrian Water Project
As part of the Essential Services in Southern Syria (ES-S) program, BES assessed damage to critical infrastructure and implemented interventions to restore services across four Governorates. Target sectors included water, wastewater, electricity, transportation, solid waste, markets and agricultural infrastructure. | USAID

BES provided third party monitoring and QA/QC for the World Bank’s Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) through an innovative systems approach and by ensuring year-round access to project sites. | World Bank

The Engineering, Quality Assurance and Logistical Support (EQUALS) program provided third party quality assurance services to USAID’s most important strategic infrastructure projects in Afghanistan. | USAID

Afghanistan - KFZ Irrigation Masonry
The Kandahar Food Zone (KFZ) program identified and addressed the drivers of poppy cultivation by bringing much needed water through more than 425 km of irrigation canals to the Kandahar Valley in Afghanistan. This vital program enabled farmers to grow alternative crops for internal and export markets, reduce illicit crop production and provide more sustainable livelihoods for their families and communities. | USAID