Ethics & Conduct


Blumont promotes a culture that values ethical conduct and commitment to compliance.


We believe our culture and commitment enable us to maximize our potential and have the greatest possible impact for program beneficiaries. Blumont is unwavering in its efforts to mitigate risk and considers it the responsibility of every employee and representative of Blumont to ensure that all organizational values and applicable laws and regulations are upheld.

Maintaining an ethical and compliant culture enables Blumont to implement programming in difficult environments and circumstances, and ensures programming is as effective and efficient as possible. All Blumont employees are encouraged to:

  • Do What is Right – Act Ethically Every Day.
  • Report Problems – Speak Up Early.
  • Respect Others – Remember Why We Do What We Do and Who We Serve.

To guide employee conduct, Blumont’s Ethics and Compliance Department has developed a set of policies that collectively comprise our Safeguarding Framework. These documents set expectations and provide guidance on appropriate actions and behavior:

  • Blumont’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
  • Blumont’s Child Protection Policy
  • Blumont’s Combatting Human Trafficking Policy
  • Blumont’s Policy Against Harassment
  • Blumont’s Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Assault Statement

All Blumont employees, sub-awardees, contractors, and partners are encouraged to speak up, raise concerns, and report problems without fear of retaliation. Early reporting of potential issues is encouraged and considered essential in maintaining the strength of Blumont’s ethical culture and service to beneficiaries.

Blumont has established a Hotline that can be reached via phone, email or our online reporting platform. All reports of alleged non-compliance and violations will be responded to appropriately, including investigating the offense to prevent further similar offenses.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to report a case of fraud, waste or abuse, visit our online platform, and click “Make a Report.” After selecting the country in which you are located, you can either submit your report online by selecting your location, or by phone by calling the country-specific phone number that appears. You will have the option to remain anonymous. You can also contact our Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) directly at

Blumont’s CECO is responsible for the content, operation and effectiveness of Blumont’s Ethics & Compliance Program, and reports directly to the Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors.


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