71 Families Arrive at Laylan 2 Camp in Iraq

On Sunday February 10, Blumont’s Camp Management team helped greet and process 71 families (377 individuals) arriving at Laylan 2 Camp from Nazrawa Camp, which is being decommissioned and consolidated into nearby camps.

Families awaiting registration

The convoy, which arrived at 2:45 pm, gathered in the social center that was allocated as a registration area to check the families’/individuals’ information. With coordination between camp management and UNHCR, the process was completed in an hour.

Laylan 2 Camp Management made sure the registration process was quick and efficient

Afterwards, sector leaders and internally displaced persons (IDP) volunteers helped show the families to their tents. Throughout the entire process, the team only faced a few issues involving disagreements about tent locations and some IDPs who wanted to move to other sectors. Camp management responded to their requests when possible and altered future planning to avoid similar issues with upcoming families.


Laylan 2 Camp is managed as part of IRD/Blumont’s Camp Coordination and Camp Management/Conflict Resolution and Resilience Building (CCCM/C2RB) programs. CCCM provides camp management in four camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq, including accommodation and community mobilization activities. C2RB improves the lives of individuals in Iraq by identifying and implementing solutions to mitigate violence and conflict among IDPs and host communities. They are both funded by UNHCR.


Camp Coordination and Camp Management/Conflict Resolution and Resilience Building (CCCM/C2RB)

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