From Passion to Action: Female Educator Makes a Difference

Mrs. Parveen is a housewife, a Head Teacher and an ambitious educator, and her hard work and effort in education certainly set her apart from others in the same profession.

Her vision is that “not a single child in my village, Jumma Himaitee, should be left behind or remain out of school. My aim is to provide quality education to every child of our village, especially girls.”

The USAID-funded Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP) has worked in Government Boys’ Primary School (GBPS) Jumma Himaitee, a neighboring school, since 2014. When Mrs. Parveen joined this school as a Head Teacher in May 2017, she realized that CMP’s presence in her school was a significant factor in turning her passion of educating children into a reality. She attended trainings organized by CMP, which sensitized her in different ways, enhanced her knowledge and improved her skills.

“After attending these training sessions, I feel more confident and am able to express myself at any forum,” she said.

Mrs. Parveen conducting a Hygiene Awareness Session for Children, using Awareness Raising Posters.

Apart from being responsible for assuring provision of quality education to 249 students (including 100 girls), Mrs. Parveen also ensures gender mainstreaming in the School Management Committee (SMC) and SMC sub-committees formed by CMP. The inclusion of women in decision making bodies resulted in increased confidence and trust of parents, particularly mothers in the school, and improved attendance and retention of girl students. During the enrollment campaign for Academic Year 2018, Mrs. Parveen conducted a door-to-door mobilization campaign in her village and convinced community members to enroll their out-of-school children, especially girls.

In the words on one community woman: “CMP’s continuous effort and our Head Teacher’s sincerity increased our faith in Government school, and now we can enroll our children and can expect quality education and bright future for them.”


CMP is a USAID-funded program that supports the Government of Sindh’s education reform and USAID’s Sindh Basic Education Program. CMP improves school resources and encourages community support for educational reform in Sindh province while identifying and addressing primary barriers to access, particularly for female students.


Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP)

Contributions Count in Enabling Access to Quality Education