Blumont/IRD Brings Peace and Sport to Za’atari Camp

In coordination with UNHCR and Peace and Sport, Blumont/IRD’s team in Za’atari Camp planned and set up workshops and events to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6. Taking the reins and even working on their day off, Blumont/IRD staff went above and beyond to ensure a seamless day to observe and promote the power of sport in peace and development.

April 6, which the UN General Assembly declared the IDSDP in 2013, is a day on which the role sport plays in society is celebrated, especially for its impact on healthier lifestyles, becoming more widely accessible and its role in development for areas made vulnerable by conflict, poverty and inequality. Each year, IDSDP is celebrated by organizations and communities involved in utilizing sport to connect people in development and reconciliation.

In Za’atari Camp this year, Blumont/IRD staff coordinated multiple workshops for camp residents, including table tennis, fencing, Teqball, kickboxing and more. Near the end of the day, participants ran a 5K relay as part of the #WhiteCard campaign, a symbolic initiative representing the passing-on of the symbol of peace through sport.

Watch the video below to see highlights of the day, as well as remarks from the Blumont/IRD team.




Blumont/IRD helps support refugees in Za’atari Camp through its Community Based Support to Refugees (CBSR IV) program. CBSR IV provides community services and support to refugees in camp and urban settings in Jordan, connecting individuals to essential services like healthcare, vocational training and job placement, with a strong emphasis on education and cohesive development. It is funded by UNHCR.


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