Women and Girls Develop Skills and Gain Confidence in Al-Hol Camp

Blumont’s Community Mobilization team recently launched the “Developing Women and Children’s Skills” campaign to cultivate women’s and girls’ talents by providing them with necessary tools for and training them on handcrafts.

Even the girls who were prevented by customs and traditions from attending were contacted and trained in their tents until they gained mastery. All participants produced creative pieces that were bought by visitors to encourage them during an exhibition showcasing their work.

women's and girls' talents

Participants of the Developing Women and Children’s Skills campaign creating handcrafts

During the sessions, trust-building activities were also conducted to raise participants’ awareness of their roles in society and develop their confidence. The girls felt comfortable in the session environment, and those who had dropped out of school were persuaded to return to continue their education. They were provided with educational supplies and were followed up with by the Blumont team. There was also a social solidarity activity to enhance coherence and cooperation among them.

women's and girls' talents

Participants of the Developing Women and Children’s Skills campaign creating handcrafts

“Blumont made us realize that life is full of precious stone treasures and their keys are optimism, patience and creativity. At the same time, life is packed with stones that we should not stumble on; but need to pick them and make them a ladder to success. We learned from them how hope can be a lamp that lights our life paths,” Ghufran, a 12 year-old girl from the program, said.

The children’s splendid and imaginative paintings and girls’ and women’s handcrafts adorned the exhibition walls. Their eyes glistened with joy when the Community Mobilization team assisted them in preparing the exhibition.

women's and girls' talents

An exhibition showcasing work from the Developing Women and Children’s Skills campaign


The Developing Women and Children’s Skills campaign is a part of Blumont’s Camp Management for Iraqi Refugees in Al-Hol, Roj, and Newroz Camps program. This program provides management for these three camps, raising the standard of living and fulfilling basic human rights for the populations inside the camps by ensuring efficient and effective delivery of services and enhancing community-based protection and support for vulnerable camp refugees. It is funded by PRM.


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