Conflicts of Interest Reminder:  Form A – Disclosures of Potential Conflicts 

In adherence with IRD/Blumont’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, all employees must report potential conflicts of interest annually through Form A and update the form as new conflicts may arise.

Form A will be distributed via e-mail in the coming weeks, so please do not delete the email as it contains an important link to the form.

As a reminder, the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct says the following regarding conflicts of interest:

“We avoid unethical business practices and conflicts of interest. Grounding every customer, supplier, and other business partner relationship on sound business decisions and fair dealing is very important to IRD/Blumont’s success. It is important to keep in mind at all times that while extending business courtesies can build goodwill, such actions can also create a perception of favoritism or special treatment that may weaken the integrity of our relationships.

Avoid actions that create actual conflicts of interest, as well as actions that create the appearance of conflicts of interest. In addition, IRD/Blumont personnel are required to report any conflicts of interest that may arise. Similarly, IRD/Blumont will report any potential conflict of interest to government sponsors and donors, as required.”

IRD/Blumont employees must comply with annual requests to complete Form A, “Disclosures of Potential Conflicts.” All IRD/Blumont employees must identify conflicts of interest and disclose them properly, and recuse themselves as necessary.

If you have any questions regarding a potential conflict of interest, please contact


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