Laylan 2 Camp Celebration Draws Residents Together

On March 27, Laylan 2 camp in Iraq held a celebration marking the start of the spring season and Nowruz (the Iranian New Year), which drew a huge crowd of nearly 350 internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The celebration involved a number of fun activities including reciting poetry, trivia, Arabic traditional dancing, and the performance of a play.  All went smoothly and the audience was happy to interact and participate. According to Camp Manager Ms. Chnoor Mahmood, the purpose of the celebration was to take the IDP’s out of their solitude, and the primary subject of the poems and readings was displacement. Ms. Chnoor said that through this celebration, the camp management team learned that repeating activities such as this one and involving IDP’s in the process will instill a peaceful, loving and forgiving spirit between camp residents and will draw their community closer together.



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