Enrichment for Children through Recreational Courses

The Blumont/IRD Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) mobile team recently organized a recreational course for 20 children in six Al Khalidiya camps in Al Anbar province, and three camps in Salah ad Din governorate.

Four adult internally displaced persons (IDPs) volunteered to teach the children about art, as well as good penmanship and how to write neatly. The course also offered sessions for the children to read stories and sing together. Children between the ages of 5 and 17 participated in the activities two hours a day for six days.

Despite high temperatures, the course had good attendance, with most of the children attending every day. The instructors said the children were happy during the course, often seen laughing while interacting with each other. They added that the children were so passionate about the sessions that they didn’t want them to end.

The Blumont/IRD Baghdad Office provided the children with the materials they needed for the course, including pencils, colored pencils and sketchbooks.

The course was designed to keep the children from playing in the dirt in the blazing sun, as often seen by Blumont/IRD teams, and to get them engaged in activities useful for their personal development such as drawing and writing.


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