Dispatches from the Field

Abdul Qadir, Pakistan

Exchanging Knowledge Leads to Better Hygiene

It is obvious that proper hygiene (personal, domestic and environmental) is essential for physical and cognitive health. Despite its importance, inhabitants of Abdul Qadir Khoso village of Jacobabad district, like many others, were not fully aware and sensitized of this issue until Sindh Community Mobilization Program’s (CMP’s) activities.
Yatta City, West Bank

Blumont Welcomes USAID Officials to Building Foundations Project Site

On July 9, Blumont’s Building Foundations team in Gaza welcomed USAID officials for a site visit of three reservoirs and the main transmission pipeline included in the Yatta Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Extension Project—the first Task Order under Building Foundations. The USAID officials—CORs Sonia Massis and Rami Kteish and USAID Gaza Coordinator Daniel Morris—had requested the visit to see Blumont’s progress on the Task Order and to meet with Blumont Engineering Solutions (BES) staff.