Dispatches from the Field

Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Kandahar Government Inspects Rehabilitated Canals

From 1996—2011, when Panjwayi District was a Taliban stronghold in Kandahar Province, the irrigation infrastructure, crop production and farmers’ access to markets deteriorated. Thousands of farmers left the district and poppy production flourished. When Afghan Security Forces regained control in 2012, the local government began rebuilding the rural economy.
Al-Hasakeh, Al-Raqqa Provinces, Syria

Hygiene Promotion Trainings Inspire Action

IRD/Blumont’s Syria and Iraq Regional Assistance (SIRA) program Hygiene Promotion activities aim to: 1) foster hygiene culture; 2) increase target community’s awareness; and 3) improve living environment and health conditions for target community. The program’s recent Hygiene Promotion activity covered Tal Hamis, Tal Brak, and Ein Issa areas in Al-Hasakeh and Ar-Raqqa Provinces.