Establishment of Blumont, an Innovative Platform for High-Impact Aid Delivery

Headquartered in Madison, WI, Blumont will provide implementation support for vital programs across the development spectrum ranging from humanitarian relief to long-term economic stabilization.

MADISON, WI – International Relief & Development (IRD), a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization responsible for implementing relief and development programs for donor governments and multilateral institutions worldwide, announced today it is establishing Blumont, Inc. Blumont will provide implementation support for vital programs across the development spectrum ranging from humanitarian relief to long-term economic stabilization. The new organization, a nonprofit holding company, will operate three subsidiaries: Blumont International, Blumont Global Development and Blumont Engineering Solutions, two nonprofits and one for-profit, respectively. This structure will allow the organization to advance Blumont’s mission and provide efficiently priced services for the benefit of clients and beneficiaries worldwide. The company will be headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Blumont’s services will incorporate state-of-the-art systems of knowledge management, applied learning and product development in the following focus areas:

  • Infrastructure and Engineering Management and Quality Assurance;
  • Logistics Management of Humanitarian Assistance;
  • Delivery of Social Services in Post Crisis, Recovery Situations;
  • Development of Agricultural Markets; and
  • Environment and Climate Change Risk Mitigation.

A presence in Madison will enhance this transformation with Blumont’s proximity to world class academic and research institutions such as the University of Wisconsin System schools, as well as unparalleled access to the myriad of successful private sector companies located throughout the state. Although in the early stages IRD and Blumont will operate as affiliated businesses, it is expected that Blumont will gradually reorganize all of the programming under a single Blumont umbrella. Blumont will maintain a regional office in the Washington, D.C. area and expand its presence in Amman, Jordan, to improve management of its Middle East portfolio.

This announcement culminates the organization’s comprehensive transformation that began in November 2014 with the hiring of its new CEO, Roger Ervin, the new senior management team and the appointment of a new Board of Directors. Through its new structure, Blumont is committed to best-in-class governance and risk management, providing enhanced training to all employees, utilizing advanced technology as a platform for strong internal controls, and excellence in global compliance across all programs.

“This organization is building upon the strong record IRD attained in field implementation and now setting new standards in transparency and program effectiveness across the entire spectrum of our work,” Ervin said. “Blumont’s talented staff of 1,500 dedicated individuals worldwide is among our critical strengths.”

Blumont’s vision of Collaborate, Innovate and Transform builds on IRD’s reputation for turning locally driven ideas into proven solutions. The organization will leverage local networks and technical assets, such as cloud based solutions, geo-tagged and smartphone-based monitoring and social media to enhance resiliency of shared objectives.

Board Chair Jeffrey Oak emphasized, “this is indeed a new chapter in the IRD story. We are excited about the idea Blumont represents in its ability to improve collaboration with local communities, sustain development goals, and enhance the quality of measuring results. Our governance and risk management practices demonstrate that this organization is committed to this path and our clients, donor partners and beneficiaries can feel confident that that Blumont is indeed, a trusted partner.”


Roger Ervin, President and CEO of Blumont, Inc., has over 25 years of experience leading and managing large organizations with complex missions, including executive positions at the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Commercial Service, and the African Development Bank.