Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF)

Supporting effective implementation of World Bank programs in Afghanistan through an integrated set of tools used to collect, verify and analyze project data.

To strengthen the World Bank’s technical supervision of projects funded under the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) Investment Portfolio, IRD/Blumont developed and successfully implemented a program to collect year-round information on ARTF-financed project sites, and a geo-spatial database that cataloged inspections. With a focus on infrastructure projects, the program also collected data on project outcomes and social and environmental impacts at the community level. ARTF staff worked directly with the Government of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, building staff capacity to conduct monitoring activities and collect information from community councils and teachers on the implementation of school projects.

The key component of IRD/Blumont’s approach was CMORE, an integrated set of tools created by IRD/Blumont that allowed field-based staff to be assigned tasks, collect information in the field through smart phones and electronically deliver information to a database where supervisors could review the data and generate reports. Additionally, CMORE provided a means for tracking deficiencies, analyzing trends over time and organizing regular reporting. Outside data sources could also be incorporated to provide further information on a geographic area or other topics of interest. The information collected could then be displayed and exported in a variety of ways, including maps, geographical layouts, data tables and reports.