Camp Management for Iraqi Refugees

Raising the standard of living and fulfilling human rights for Iraqi refugees through camp management

Since September 2017, the Camp Management for Iraqi Refugees program has provided management, protection and essential services for the camps’ populations. To do this, the program ensures efficient and effective delivery of basic services and enhances community-based protection and support for vulnerable camp refugees.

Under the program’s camp coordination and camp management objective, Blumont has trained camp staff, registered refugees and IDPs, and partnered with local and international NGOs to implement activities benefiting camp populations.

The program also focuses on protection activities, including establishing support groups and holding support group sessions to deal with prevalent issues on a group basis.

Finally, the program’s essential services objective is improving and maintaining water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services throughout all three camps. This work includes extending and maintaining water, sewerage and electrical networks, as well as maintaining water taps, communal kitchens and fencing.

The program is slated to reach 23,800 beneficiaries.