Community-Based Support Program (CBSP) Yemen

Strengthening and expanding community mobilization and improving services for refugees and asylum-seekers in urban neighborhoods of Yemen’s Sana’a Governorate.

Urban refugees face different challenges than those in camp settings. The lack and inaccessibility of distinct resources, services and advocacy negatively affects basic social services and employment opportunities, and causes the need for a sense of community, governance, and community-based organization structures that support community initiatives and self-help activities.

Since 2010, Blumont/IRD has made significant contributions toward restoring these services and resources through various humanitarian aid projects in Sana’a. The UNHCR-funded Community Based Support Program (CBSP), now in its seventh phase, utilizes community mobilization and cash assistance to serve vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers in Sana’a.

To build community mobilization, CBSP supports four community centers and facilitates capacity-building trainings for refugee community leaders to ensure the community’s access to comprehensive and effective services. These community centers host awareness sessions on topics such as violence against children, health, refugee student dropout rates, seeking refuge in Yemen, women’s health, the importance of education and local laws. CBSP also supports livelihood initiatives promoting self-reliance in finding jobs and maintaining a sustainable income, as well as educational courses.

The program also provides short-term cash assistance in the form of monthly subsistence allowances (MSAs) to bridge the gap many urban refugees experience in attaining and paying for basic needs like food, medicine, rent, child care, counseling and care for unaccompanied children or sick persons. MSAs are distributed to beneficiaries, including vulnerable populations and at-risk children, based on criteria developed by UNHCR and its partners and data lists verified and updated throughout program implementation to avoid duplications.