Community-based Support – Za’atari Refugee Camp

Supporting and empowering Syrian refugees through essential services, job training and placement, and community-based activities to promote education, dialogue and cohesive community development.

Community workers in Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp mobilize and empower Syrian refugee communities through dialogue, decision-making, and development. In addition to connecting refugees with essential items and services, including health care, the Community Based Support Program provides legal aid to help residents secure refugee status and work permits. The program also provides vocational training for both men and women, and connects graduates with jobs in the local market. Through these services and other community-led initiatives, residents in all twelve districts of the camp and the surrounding area develop and increase their capacity to become self-sufficient.

Za'atari Refugee Camp Humanitarian Assistance

Ongoing investment in education at all levels, children’s activities, free libraries, artist groups, performance art and other activities provided through program-supported community centers reduce gaps in education for children, provide a discussion space around key issues and improve quality of life in the camp. These programs also enable refugees to build a sense of agency in their personal development, as well as in the development of their communities.