Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians (COMAC)

Blumont’s Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians program (COMAC) is a five-year, $40 million USAID-funded program that provides victim assistance services to Afghan civilians and families suffering from injury or loss as a result of ongoing conflict.

Blumont delivers direct and indirect assistance, strengthens capacity of the Government of Afghanistan, and provides immediate and tailored assistance in all 34 provinces. Just over a year into implementation, approximately 40,000 Afghans have been assisted through COMAC interventions.

The project draws on lessons learned from the successful second phase of the Afghanistan Civilian Assistance Programs and implements victim-centered initiatives like physical rehabilitation, psychosocial assistance, and household income regeneration in collaboration with the State Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Division (MMD), Ministry of Public Health, and Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

COMAC provides comprehensive victim assistance to address immediate- and long-term needs. Immediate assistance involves the provision of basic food and household sanitary items to support families while grieving and/or caring for injuries.

The services offered through COMAC’s tailored assistance network include medical treatment, physical rehabilitation, prosthetic fitting, psychosocial counseling, and vocational training. Tailored assistance can include income generation packages to help households adjust for the loss of earnings as well as psychosocial counseling. More than 1,500 income generation packages have been distributed thus far, helping affected families start a new business or expand an existing operation for long-term financial stability. The packages may include the provision of livestock, poultry, grocery shop inventory, mechanic and tailoring kits, or flower shop or flour mill inputs.

To establish sustainable victim assistance in Afghanistan, COMAC focuses on building capacity of its Afghan government partners—particularly MMD, the main government entity accountable for these services. COMAC uses different methods to deliver capacity building support for human resource development, including on-the-job training and various training workshops.

COMAC also supports activities to improve MMD’s efforts to raise awareness of available resources. COMAC organized workshops and focus group discussions which gathered input to inform MMD’s outreach strategy and action plan. These efforts are aimed at building a well-informed citizenry, inclusive dialogue between the public and government entities, and leadership that is held accountable for service provision.

COMAC has been awarded multiple appreciation letters by Provincial Governors, local councils, and government ministries in recognition of the work Blumont’s team has undertaken in support of civilian victims and families.