Infrastructure Needs Program (INP I & II)

Blumont programming in the West Bank and Gaza improved the lives of Palestinians over the course of 11 years.

Infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza suffers from years of neglect and lack of investment. Blumont, through multiple-award IDIQ contracts under the USAID-funded Infrastructure Needs Programs (INP I & II), addressed these issues and improved the lives of Palestinians by repairing and constructing key roads, schools and water systems, while also improving the Palestinian economy and strengthening the foundation of Palestine through its numerous construction and rehabilitation projects.

Throughout 28 task orders, INP I and II focused on large-scale infrastructure projects including building and rehabilitating road networks, major water facilities, water distribution systems, wastewater facilities, schools and other essential infrastructure.

Among INP I & II’s most significant contributions to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is the Middle Area Desalination Plant Expansion Project. Bringing potable water to nearby communities, Blumont expanded the desalination plant to increase treatment capacity from 2,600 to 6,000 cubic meters per day.