Rehabilitation of two Public Health centers in Hawija and Aziz Balad (PHC-HAB)

As people return to newly-liberated areas of Iraq, restoring access to medical care, including emergency service, is an important aspect of re-establishing communities.

In Hawija, Kirkuk and in Salah- al-Din, many public-sector health facilities were destroyed in the conflict, limiting options for health services, and sometimes putting care out of reach for people unable to afford private care centers. To improve access to healthcare for these communities, Blumont is constructing two public health centers—one in Abo Skhara village in Hawija and one in Aziz Balad, Salah al-Din. Blumont’s work, which includes site preparation and masonry and concrete work, as well as installation of electrical, sewage, and water services, will help to improve healthcare services for an estimated 18,700 people, with facilities serving upwards of 150 people daily.