Syria Emergency Food Security Program I & II (SEFSP I & II)

Improving household- and community-level food security for vulnerable populations in conflict-affected Syria.

Blumont’s Syria Emergency Food Security Program I & II (SEFSP I & II) has been assisting vulnerable populations and internally displaced persons (IDPs) since 2014 by delivering high-quality, regionally and locally procured flour to bakeries, distributing free bread to IDP camps daily, providing ready-to-eat rations (RTEs), and assisting with household vegetable production.

Throughout SEFSP I, Blumont delivered more than 42,800 metric tons of flour to bakeries in northern Syria that helped produce more than 298 million loaves of bread. This, in turn, increased bread production and stabilized bread prices. In addition to these efforts, the program provided free bread daily to 58,000 IDPs and their families within refugee camps and IDP sites. In addition, 300 homestead vegetable productions were supported through trainings and starter toolkits.

SEFSP II continues the work of the SEFSP I, and also expands on the pilot Homestead Vegetable Gardens (HVG) project.