Structural Improvements to the Pediatrics Unit of Hawija Hospital in Kirkuk (SIHK)

Restoring access to health services for communities in Hawija.

After a military operation in Hawija in 2017, thousands of people became displaced and much of the town’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed. Even after the area was retaken, basic needs like access to health services were still lacking.

To help restore referral health services to the area, Blumont’s Structural Improvements to the Pediatrics Unit of Hawija Hospital in Order to Enable Physical and Mental Rehabilitative Referral Services in Kirkuk (SIHK) program, funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), rehabilitated and expanded Hawija Hospital.

Blumont rehabilitated the existing hospital by repairing electrical, plumbing, and structural works, while also constructing a pediatric ward and outpatient department. Engineers focused on increasing the number of patients the hospital could serve and making the building accessible to persons with disabilities by including new entrances and wheelchair access.

Able to now serve around 200 people daily, Hawija Hospital provides reliable access to healthcare for the larger population within Hawija District and surrounding areas, while children and individuals with serious health conditions are now able to receive comprehensive and timely care—an extraordinary impact for the community. A post program survey found that patients spent less time in the waiting room and paid a standardized rate for care, with a majority of people seeing a doctor within 10-30 minutes and cost variances falling to an average of IQD 3,000 per visit (about USD $2.50). As a collective result of the rehabilitation and structural improvements, Hawija Hospital can provide service to more than 30 additional patients per day.