Syria-Iraq Regional Assistance I & II (SIRA I & II)

Restoring water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services, improving shelters and providing management and protection for vulnerable displaced persons, refugees and host communities in Syria.

Blumont’s Syria-Iraq Regional Assistance program I & II (SIRA I & II) has worked in Syria since 2016 to mitigate issues caused by conflict. Throughout SIRA I, Blumont worked to enable better access to WASH services, repaired and installed WASH infrastructure, and provided non-food items (NFI) to vulnerable populations such as internally displaced persons, infants and elderly/disabled adults.

SIRA II continues and expands on these objectives by managing and providing protection, psychosocial and awareness services for refugees and displaced persons in two IDP camps and for vulnerable and host communities in Al-Hasakah, Aleppo and Raqqa. This involves camp management and protection activities focusing on topics like self-esteem, stress and crisis management

The program also improves shelter and settlement conditions through placing water pipelines, providing water and sanitation equipment, rehabilitating water networks and distributing NFI and shelter kits.