Staff Profile – Wedjan Jarrah

Wejdan Jarrah is a Programs Director at Blumont’s Jordan office. She is a psychologist and holds a master’s degree in psychosocial counseling from Yarmouk University.

She is passionate about helping refugees learn how to cope with traumatic situations and harness their emotions. In the nascent stages of her career, Wejdan wanted to help people and thought working in crises would be an exciting adventure. However, after constantly hearing of the tragic circumstances that forced people to flee their homes, she began to feel the stress of the people she meant to help. Having worked in the field for six months, Wejdan discovered that humanitarian work is not merely helping others, but that “humanitarian work is life itself.”

Wejdan has worked in refugee camps since 2012 and her work as a psychosocial support manager has included projects related to community-based child protection, social cohesion and peace budling, education, livelihood, communication skills and living in peace, as well as teaching children and youth how to deal with difficult situations, how to create a peaceful environment, how to define positive objectives and how to develop empathy between young people and their communities. She also has expereince working to build the capacity of refugee volunteers and other groups in life skills, empathy, nonviolent communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and mediation. Currently, she leads community engagement, community mobilization, case management and community health projects inside camps in Jordan, and another refugee program outside camps to enable adequate access to services and to build a resilient community.

Focusing on youth is especially meaningful for Wejdan because Syria’s future is at risk due to the generation of children that have been born into conflict who are unable to find peace or meet their basic needs.

Wejdan was involved in refugee programs in countries such as Kenya, Djibouti and Lebanon through her membership with an international psychosocial roster with the Church of Sweden. After the situation in Syria improves, Wejdan would like to continue her work in other parts of the world, offering her counsel wherever it is needed.