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Dispatches from the Field

Sindh Province, Pakistan

Pakistan Visit – Sindh Community Mobilization Program

Building partnerships and engaging with communities are two important aspects of Sindh Community Mobilization Program (SCMP). During my recent visit to Pakistan and the CMP program, I had the opportunity to interact with students and meet with teachers, parents and community members.
Florencia & Popayán, Colombia

Ancestral Drums Heal the Mind

The Closing Emergency Gaps to Aid Displaced People program (Closing Gaps), beginning its ninth year, strengthens institutional and community capacities to improve assistance to victims of displacement. Women who were part of mutual support groups performed two plays as part of a theatrical memory initiative in September 2016.
Zinder, Niger

Short Film Portrays Resilience in Niger

“Moussa” As a part of the Peace through Development program, national and international film makers worked with youth leaders throughout Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad to explore the different problems and challenges facing youth in their communities. The result was a series of short, local-language films.
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