Executive Management Team

Jonathan Nash

President and Chief Executive Officer

Laura Fogarty

Vice President, Contracts, Grants, and Compliance; Corporate Secretary

Susan Herbert Peacock

Chief Human Resources Officer

Eric Lundgren

Vice President, Global Operations

Rob Murphy

Chief Financial Officer

Roman Ponos

Vice President, Business Development

Senior Management Team

Daniel Bichanich

Chief of Party, Essential Services in Syria

Camilo Buitrago-Hernández

Program Director, Acogida

Carla Clemons

Director, Field Finance and Audit

Peter Coriander

Senior International Recruiter

Zarko Draganic

Chief of Party, COMAC

Justin Dunlap

Director, Business Development

Dr. Gary Glass

Director, Monitoring and Evaluation

Caroline Haddad-Ayoub

Country Director, Jordan

Stig Marker Hansen

Country Director, Iraq and Syria

Geoff Hughes

Director, Global Security & Risk Management

Catherine Injairu

Director, Human Resources, Iraq

Juan Pablo Franco Jiménez

Country Director, Colombia

Nadeen Khost

Program Director, Community-Based Protection Program

Lana Al Maani

Program Manager, Smart Desert

Lucas Marcenaro

Director, Information Technology

Sarah Ness

Deputy Chief of Party, Essential Services in Syria

Kate Pritchard

Director, Communications

Lorea Russell

Technical Director

Ahmad Al Rwabdah

Program Manager, PROTEKT

Omar Saad

Head of Program, AMAL

Rawa Sadiq

Senior Program Manager, SHRAH & Conflict Management and Stabilisation

Sohini Sarkar

Program Operations Director, COMAC

Naveed Ahmed Shaikh

Chief of Party, Sindh Community Mobilization Program

Ahmad Shamasneh

Senior Director of Finance and Administration

Paige Shannon

Senior Corporate Counsel

Yousuf Shbair


Hani Takla

Assistant Vice President, Contracts and Grants

Kristine Wolter

Director, Global Human Resources

Board of Directors

Richard D. George

Chair, Blumont Board of Directors

Mary Ann Hopkins

Vice Chair, Blumont Board of Directors

Kendra Davenport

Member, Blumont Board of Directors

Randa Fahmy

Member, Blumont Board of Directors

Alison Taunton-Rigby

Member, Blumont Board of Directors

Larry Warren

Member, Blumont Board of Directors