We listen intensely to local communities, aligning their needs and aspirations with the objectives of our partners.

Through best-in-class training, every project empowers local staff and managers to achieve a continual level of excellence for the good of their own communities. Using more than 35 different languages, Blumont’s staff of 1,500 ensure that beneficiary communities are fully integrated into program planning and implementation.



For individual personnel and across global systems, we are highly trained and empowered with advanced technology, tools, and information resources.

From digitally enabled inventory and delivery systems to geo-tagged video quality assurance reports on construction projects, Blumont integrates leading edge technology within practical, locally-focused solutions. Our culture of continuous improvement is supported with enterprise-wide knowledge management systems and information technology.



Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, we help bring communities back from the brink and forward to self-sustaining development.

Our programs facilitate lasting resettlement and resiliency of communities damaged by crises or disasters. We empower communities to recover and stabilize by providing transitional services such as conflict mitigation and prevention, psychosocial engagement and livelihood development. Our work promotes long-term community resiliency through disaster risk reduction, agriculture and food security, water and sanitation capacity, community-based infrastructure improvements and climate change mitigation.