Cambodia – Clean Water and Sanitation with LDSC

I just returned from Cambodia, where I visited our office in Kampong Chhnang Province. We recently completed the implementation of a Clean Water and Sanitation Program for schools in that region.

The Latter Day Saints Charities (LDSC)-funded program rehabilitated and built new wells and water catchment tanks that are providing clean drinking water. One of the schools targeted through this program was Chrak Sangker Primary School, where innovative handwashing stations are helping children to have clean hands without a long wait. Clean water is also used for school gardens.

The program provided the first set of seeds for the school to produce and use vegetables. Vegetables are distributed to families to support nutrition at home. By providing clean water, we are empowering not just the school, but the whole community.

[bctt tweet=”It is not just the students that are now using the clean water, but the whole community.”]

Overall, the program incorporated construction and rehabilitation of school WASH infrastructure including rainwater catchment tanks, wells, latrines, and handwashing stations, with health, hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition training for 42 schools in the region.

Igor Samac, Senior Program Officer