Blumont Part of Winning Team for USAID IDIQ Promoting Peacebuilding

We are pleased to announce that Blumont is part of Democracy International’s winning team for the recently awarded five-year, $800 million-ceiling USAID Programming for Prevention and Peacebuilding (P4P2) IDIQ.

The goal of the P4P2 IDIQ is to improve development outcomes in fragile, conflict, or violence-affected countries. As noted in the scope of work, task orders awarded under this IDIQ will implement programs that assist with:

1. Preventing the outbreak, escalation, or recurrence of conflict and violence;

2. Promoting peaceful, resilient societies;

3. Adapting USAID’s traditional development work to account for its effects on conflicts; and

4. Expanding USAID’s peacebuilding and stabilization capabilities.

As the stabilization partner for Democracy International, Blumont is committed to bringing our 20+ years of experience working in some of the most world’s most challenging environments to help communities recover from crisis or conflict, strengthen social cohesion, and promote peace and stability. In the past year alone, our teams supported communities, civil society, and local leadership to take on challenges and strengthen participatory, inclusive governance on USAID, U.S. State Department, and international donor-funded programs in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, and Syria.

“We look forward to the opportunity to partner with USAID and Democracy International as a subcontractor to help communities and leaders overcome barriers to progress and lay a foundation for long-term peace and stability. By tailoring interventions to the local context, we will work to encourage cooperation and tangible improvements to daily life while fostering social cohesion and mutual trust,” said Wesley Horne, Blumont’s Senior Technical Advisor on Governance and Stabilization.

View Democracy International’s press release here.