Supporting Family Food Security in Syria

Prior to the conflict, agriculture played a significant role in the Syrian national economy and was the source of livelihood for more than 46% of the population.

The six-year conflict has crippled the population’s ability to buy life necessities; forcing some families spend 80% of their income on food. Blumont set up the Homestead Vegetable Production (HVP) project to enable families to be self-sufficient by training them on: 1) modern cultivation methods; 2) agricultural awareness; and 3) rain water harvesting. Families were also provided with agricultural supplies including tools and seeds.

Blumont selected 300 families in five sub-districts of Al-Hasakeh Governorate for HVP project support. Ayda, a teacher and mother of five living in Msherfa village, Al-Qahtaniyah, was one of the selected families. Her husband is a laborer who helps her provide for their family. After receiving support from Blumont, Ayda decided to grow vegetables in her home garden instead of buying them from the market.

“Blumont provided us with the agricultural tools to help us garden. The vegetable seeds we received from the organization were great. I was trained very well on agriculture. I learned how to prepare compost from home components. Besides fulfilling our needs, sometimes I give vegetables to our neighbors.” Ayda said.

Ayda’s garden contained a variety of winter vegetables provided by Blumont and other crops procured from elsewhere.

Through the HVG project, Blumont is successfully fostering agricultural awareness, enabling beneficiaries to contribute positively to their community and environment, and reducing family expenses in securing food needs.


HVP is part of SEFSP which is funded through USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP). The program delivers food aid to vulnerable populations and IDPs in northern and southern Syria.


Syrian Family Receives Much Needed Relief