The work we do each day is in support of one vision—a world where a community’s future is not determined by its circumstances but by the aspirations of its people. On World Refugee Day, we recognize the aspirations of the 108.4 million refugees, internally displaced people, and migrants around the world. By listening to their hopes for the future, we can understand how to best deliver the support they need today.

With hope, protection, and inclusivity at the center of our work, we adapt our services to meet the evolving needs of displaced communities. Layered services in Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria are designed to help people across many aspects of their lives, rather than approaching them with one-size-fits-all assistance.

Every step of the way, we support tens of thousands of migrants’ lives and dreams because we all share a hope for a better future.

Humanitarian Assistance & Access to Services

For both recently arrived refugees and long-term residents of displacement camps, our teams provide life-saving humanitarian assistance and access to basic services to help people find a sense of security.

Psychosocial Support & Well-Being Checks

Regardless of where they are on their migration journey, we provide psychosocial support and have regular check-ins to refugees and migrants who are coping with trauma, isolation, health challenges, and mobility limitations.


Livelihood Training & Business Support

Our livelihood programs help refugees and returnees develop new livelihoods or bolster their existing businesses so they can support their families and build a better future.

Community-Building & Leadership Opportunities

Refugees, returnees, and migrants are active members of their communities and can feel much more welcomed through our community-based activities that bring neighbors together and give them agency to pursue their own hopes and dreams.