New Economic Opportunities


Supporting livelihoods and economic development for vulnerable communities.







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In 2011, USAID launched a five-year $22 million program in Georgia to reduce poverty and improve food security. With an emphasis on community-led development and empowering displaced communities, the program reached 88 communities across four regions, benefitting 81,208 households. As a subcontractor to Chemonics, our work focused on helping local government entities, enterprises, and individuals increase income and create economic opportunities.

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Leveraging Grants and Assistance

We provided grants and technical assistance to facilitate local economic planning. Nearly $1 million in grants was distributed to develop tourism, vocational training, agriculture production, and access to finance and livelihood activities. Efforts contributed to 107 small-scale infrastructure projects that reached over 70,000 Georgians.

Building Better Livelihoods

We assisted in creating employment and income-generation opportunities for rural households and vulnerable individuals. Working with communities, teams delivered vocational training, interest-free loans, and livelihood packages. Efforts led to the creation of more than 5,000 jobs and helped 4,000 households increase income by an average of 176 percent.