Promoting gender-inclusive community engagement and ownership at Za’atari Refugee Camp







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Community Mobilization

A central focus of Uplift is empowering people living at Za’atari Camp with the skills and opportunities to act as agents of change in the community. At the foundation of this effort is a network of refugee-led committees that represent the needs of different groups and an array of interests, including protection, inclusion, and digital development. Committees will be inclusive of women, girls, people with disabilities, and older persons to ensure their voices are included in decision-making processes. Committees will identify community needs, brainstorm solutions, and lead initiatives.

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Community Engagement

Blumont teams engage Za’atari residents of all ages, genders, and abilities through recreational activities. Designed in consultation with the community, these activities include sports tournaments, art and painting sessions, interactive theatre performances, and photography workshops. These initiatives promote community connections, healthy coping strategies, and positive outlets for self-expression.

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Case Management & Referrals

Social workers on the Uplift team use the UNHCR vulnerability criteria to assess the needs of individuals and families at increased risk. Using the findings, teams create care plans to meet the needs of vulnerable residents, including the elderly and people with disabilities. Assistance may include the designation of caretakers; distribution of essential food or aides/devices, such as medical beds; support for accessibility, such as installation of ramps or wheelchair maintenance; or referrals to other service providers for specialized care. Uplift’s team of social workers are visible and known resources throughout Za’atari Camp as they conduct follow-up visits and provide support.

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Innovation Lab

At the Innovation Lab, students of all ages build experience with technology through courses and hands-on training. Exploring topics ranging from basic computer skills and digital literacy to workshops on programming and coding, robotics, and green energy, residents learn marketable skills and design creative solutions to everyday problems in the community.

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Learning Hubs

Learning Hubs are informal educational centers where residents can use the internet to complete school assignments, take on supplementary course work, or apply for jobs. At the Hubs, coaches offer a variety of training and educational opportunities to help participants build their computer skills and increase digital literacy. The Learning Hubs also support the information and communication technology initiatives being led by the Innovation Lab to improve digital inclusion and engagement in the camp.

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The TIGER program offers young people in Za’atari informal education opportunities, helps build life skills, and empowers them to engage in the community. Activities include reading groups, digital literacy trainings, and sports, and student-led awareness campaigns around issues such as the environment. The program targets young people between the ages of 9-17, 50% of whom are girls, with a special focus on the inclusion of children with disabilities.

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RefuGIS trains refugees in GIS mapping and data analysis. Using the platform, the team creates interactive dashboards and maps that can help address challenges in the camp, such as identifying areas prone to flooding. RefuGIS works with the Innovation Lab to bring ideas to life and create prototypes of refugee-designed solutions. All data collected by the team is shared with UNHCR and relevant stakeholders.

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Made in Za'atari Center

The Made in Za’atari Center provides women with training, career counseling, and mentoring support to build skills that can enhance their workforce participation and translate to new sources of income. Training sessions include soap and jewelry-making workshops as well as sessions on business management and marketing. To ensure women’s products can compete in the market, the Blumont team provides digital marketing support as well as sponsoring artisans’ participation in local bazaars and trade fairs across Jordan.

Inclusive Community Engagement at Za'atari Refugee Camp