Skateboarding Workshop with 7Hills at Za’atari Refugee Camp

In August, several dozen Syrian refugees became the newest skateboarders in Jordan. At Za’atari Refugee Camp, a skateboarding training held by 7Hills invited young people to learn to skate.

7Hills brought the world of skateboarding to the refugee camp. They provided skateboards, helmets, protective gear, and ramps for the beginners to use. Each group had coaches to guide them through the basics of skateboarding and help build confidence.

7Hills is a non-profit organization that brings inclusive, educational skateboarding lessons and programming to youth in Jordan, including those living in displacement.

As part of the UNHCR-funded Uplift program, Blumont engages Za’atari Camp residents of all ages through recreational activities. We work with the community to pick activities that they will enjoy and learn from.