Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP)

Improving school resources and encouraging community support for educational reform in Sindh province while identifying and addressing primary barriers to access, particularly for female students.

Sindh is Pakistan’s second-largest province in population and economic output. Despite Sindh’s economic progress, however, education indicators remain low. According to data from the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PLSM) 2014-2015, the overall literacy rate in Sindh is 56%, and the male and female literacy rates are 67% and 43%, respectively. The Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP) supports the Government of Sindh’s education reform and USAID’s Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP). CMP specifically focuses on 400 targeted schools by increasing community and private-sector involvement in education reform activities, improving child nutrition and supporting community and district government coordination for increased girls’ enrollment.

Blumont’s holistic approach produces integrated and demand-driven interventions that address issues around school construction and the learning environment, private-sector school management, gender, water and sanitation (WATSAN), disaster risk reduction (DRR) and nutrition. The program facilitates community involvement in the construction, merging, consolidation, and upgrading of schools in Sindh. CMP also implements inclusive community activities that are designed to make educational improvements sustainable by increasing community support for their local schools and advocacy for better educational provisions. Blumont’s implementation strategy includes engaging the private sector through sustainable public-private partnerships to improve access to educational services and management.