Dispatches from the Field

Toribío, Colombia

Rehabilitation of Indigenous Cultures in Colombia: The Main Rituals of the Nasa

“I want to tell the whole community and our elders that the recovery of this practice is very important to us. I hope we do not let our culture die. It is the legacy of our ancestors, the foundation of the Nasa people, and our resistance.”
Karachi, Pakistan

New School Promises Bright Futures for 600 Students in Karachi

Blumont, alongside representatives from the Government of Sindh (GOS) and USAID, marked the opening of a newly constructed school that will serve nearly 600 students in Karachi. The event, which was held on February 3 and organized by Blumont’s USAID-funded Sindh Community Mobilization Program (CMP), USAID’s Program Management Implementation Unit, and GOS’s School Education and Literacy Department, drew around 400 guests including education management organizations, civil society, students, parents, teachers, community members, and the media.