Dispatches from the Field

Laylan 2 Camp, Iraq

71 Families Arrive at Laylan 2 Camp in Iraq

On Sunday February 10, Blumont’s Camp Management team helped greet and process 71 families (377 individuals) arriving at Laylan 2 Camp from Nazrawa Camp, which is being decommissioned and consolidated into nearby camps. The convoy, which arrived at 2:45 pm, gathered in the social center that was allocated as a registration area to check the families’/individuals’ information.
Karachi , Pakistan

Concession Agreements Signing Ceremony

The Concession Agreements Signing Ceremony between School Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh and Education Management Organizations (EMOs) took place at the Chief Minister Sindh’s House, Karachi on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.   The signing Ceremony kicked-off the implementation of GoS policy reform of EMOs in the next batch of state-of-the-art schools reconstructed with the support of USAID under the USD 159.2 Million for Sindh Basic Education Program.