Dispatches from the Field

Qahtaniyeh, Syria

Reducing Food Security Gap- Enabling Communities to Help Each Other

Basic food is still beyond the reach of millions of people in Syria as rise in prices and disruption of livelihoods among other impacts of protracted conflict continues to affect the population. Since 2014, USAID-funded Syria Emergency Food Security Program (SEFSP),  has worked to alleviate food needs of vulnerable families in Northeast Syria with provision of quality fresh bread at a subsidized price to host communities and free-of-charge to IDPs and refugees.

Climate-Smart Agriculture Planting Hope in Mali

From a conference topic to a fully fleshed out method today, climate-smart agriculture has become a formidable weapon that farmers can use to face climate change. Climate-smart agriculture was first discussed at The Hague Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change in 2010 where the concept was launched by FAO in 2010 in a reference document.